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Programmers at WEB Promotz have proven expertise when it comes to offering SEO services in Mumbai, digital marketing services, and e-commerce development. The firm has managed to create its identity as one of the most preferred SEO consultants in Mumbai.

Search Engine Optimization

Focusing on the wrong things may bring traffic and rankings temporarily. However, the hits may not convert into better leads, sales, increase in the firm’s revenue and profit. Thus, as an SEO company, we don’t use common templated tactics and deliverables like other firms. We create a tailored approach for every business, depending on the industry requirements.

PPC Services

The usual first or last click attribution model may not work for every brand in this era of multi-touch marketing. Thus, to get the best results, we use a combination of human intelligence as well as automation to create the right ad, bidding, and ad testing. Our strategies include a unique plan for videos as well.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) is often referred to as SEO’s little sister.  Gone are the days when social media presence was meant to connect with the audiences. These days, it helps in establishing the brand as a trustworthy player in the industry. We focus on key performance indicators, cover industry-related exciting new topics, and take advantage of post boosting features if needed.

Video Promotion

As a digital marketing agency, we believe a video can help a brand stand out in the crowd. Compared to text-based articles, videos are shared more frequently on various platforms. Our experienced team of copy-writers and video editors can help create content that suits the audience interest.

Website Analysis

As a part of website analysis service, we focus on website design (user experience-UX), graphic design, level of SEO friendliness in the website’s content, the quality of internal/external links, and traffic volume as well as its sources. We also assist in analyzing the set of keywords that are working well for the site when it comes to search engine rankings.

Our Endeavor is a 1st Page Ranking in SE

Ethical organic SEO techniques can ensure an increase in website page views, and of course, improvement in the percentage of traffic coming from search engines. High ranking for many keywords also means an increase in monthly leads in spite of constant algorithm updates from Google.  Due to our fifteen plus years of experience in offering seo services, we can ensure long-lasting results.


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Result Driven Digital Marketing Strategy

  1. Search engines offer interactive tools, featured snippets, graphs, and knowledge panels as a part of the answers for the queries.
  2. Voice search and mobile friendliness along with clicks, mentions on the internet are the need of the hour when it comes to getting better rankings.
  3. Thus, today, every SEO company and digital marketing agency needs to offer something beyond managing backlinks, H1 tags, alt-texts, website UX, and Meta Tags management.
  4. To remain a relevant SEO agency, our specialists keep a track regarding the ongoing trend in the search engine world and implement changes in various campaigns from time to time.

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