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Why is E-commerce SEO
crucial for your online store?

The coronavirus crisis has increased the significance of online business and ecommerce or online store in India & Worldwide. We need fast, user-friendly, and robust e-commerce website for higher rankings in the Google. Let our team of SEO experts boost your online shop website’s visibility. We at WEB Promotz believe in working closely with our clients and strategize how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help your online store to reach desired objectives. We can help you increase website visibility, traffic, ranking and online conversions.

Building your online store into a successful brand name and acquire higher revenue with customized ecommerce seo services based in Mumbai, India.


What is e-Commerce SEO services?

Our E-commerce SEO services is a blend of different optimization techniques that support in better search ranking for e-Commerce portals. This also includes different products pages of the site. Ecommerce SEO serves as the online marketing technique that will boost your online presence with professional and quality SEO services for your online store in Mumbai or India. The services highly focus on eCommerce-oriented tactics. This includes product market for enhancing your website's visibility in search results. Off-page and on-page technical SEO is also involved for online stores, content marketing as well as influencer outreach campaigns serve as a catalyst.

Our offerings consist of in-depth e-commerce SEO analysis

Web Promotz is a one of the best E-commerce SEO company in Mumbai, India that believes in delivering the modern techniques and strategy apt for your e-commerce business. Regardless of the size of the business, you will find the best solution with quality consultation. Our team has managed Small online store to Enterprise online stores which includes Fashion, Pharmacy, Insurance and Home Decor.

Keyword Research

Our professional team of experts will conduct thorough research on your industry and curate the relevant keywords that will help in the search engine ranking for your online store.

Competitor Analysis

Analyzing the different tricks and techniques of your competitors will give a clear idea of how and what techniques will make you stay ahead of the competition.

SEO Tech Audit

Technical ecommerce seo audit includes the pagespeed, technical issue, broken links and the different errors that are needed to be fixed for smoother functioning and better implementation of SEO strategies.

SEO Tech Changes

Once the audit is done, our experts will commence on the changes that will help in the formulation of the eCommerce SEO strategy for a result-oriented approach

Internal Linking

Internal linking of the web pages to the main site and other sources will produce backlinks that will help in better ranking and visibility of your e-Commerce website.

Contextual Linking

Implementing clickable links on your web page content focusing mainly on the keywords for uniqueness and relevance of your web page.

Featured Snippets
(Zero Rank)

Including short snippets of text that will be showcased on Google's search result which is an answer to a searcher's query above 1st position.

Link Building
(Off-Page Optimization)

Process of including and acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. This will helps in gaining more traffic and enhance site authority.

Detailed Analysis & Reports

Experts will implement the customized SEO strategy and will curate the reports to be submitted to you for the result-oriented approach.

SEO Pricing Tables


All the basics for starting a small online or e-commerce stores


  • Upto 500 Products
  • Improve Traffic & Conversions
  • Web site Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Content Optimization


Best for existing online or e-commerce stores


  • Upto 1500 Products
  • Improve Traffic & Conversions
  • Web site Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Content Optimization


For the large enterprise online or e-commerce stores


  • Upto 3000 products
  • Improve Traffic & Conversions
  • Web site Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Content Optimization

Why do you need e-commerce SEO services?

Ecommerce SEO services help you in getting identified by both search engines and users. It helps to stand out and understand from your competitors. Keyword research will help you in gathering more traffic on your website.

Apart from the top ranking on search engines, eCommerce SEO will help you in increasing the brand visibility so that your website is easily accessible for your potential consumers.

WEB Promotz offers Professional eCommerce SEO services in Mumbai & India will help in evaluating the web standing for determining the position of your website. Any invalid sources can be caught and that could be removed by the experts assuring that the site codes are valid and meeting web standards. Our ecommerce SEO services in Mumbai, India which can help in getting your valuable customers back to your website every time.

Professional E-Commerce SEO Services to Achieve Best Results & Revenue

Web Promotz is one of the best ecommerce seo services providers in Mumbai, India that offers top-notch services for online marketing. One of such market form is eCommerce SEO services India. We have associated with the quality, experienced and highly skilled experts who are well aware of their respective field of work. Right from understanding your online store to the consultation to analyzing and implementing strategy, we assure you with the result-oriented approach.

Our e-commerce SEO services will curate the modern form of technique for your online ecommerce store to get the best result on Google search engine rankings, attract more sales & conversions. We are confident about we can manage and delivere results for any online store like Fashion, Pharmacy, Insurance, Electronics, Mobile Store, Home Decor, Furniture, Kids Products, Retail or Grocery store ecommerce SEO services in Mumbai and India.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is unique about e-commerce SEO services?
Being one of the reputed e-Commerce SEO company, we believe in delivering exponential online business growth for your eCommerce store. This way we optimize your desktop and mobile web-based searchers.


How long does it take to reach the first rank on the search engine?
As per Google, it uses more than 200 ranking factors in their algorithm. Committing to a once single timeline is not valid. If your online store is competitive in nature and products, the reach is vast. There are loads of things and techniques that are put into consideration. In our experience, while working with the brand, we have seen them acquire ranking for different forms of keywords especially long-tail keywords within 3 months which can even range to 6 months.


Do e-Commerce SEO services offer any guarantee?
It is based on the association of the e-Commerce SEO company. At WEB Promotz, we are sure that we will get ranking and traffic for e-commerce stores. We offer 30% Money back guarantee or 2 months free additional e-commerce seo services if we did not achieved the desired results.


Is E-commerce SEO is profitable?
Promoting your online store to the right audience to sell your products or services is possible through Ecommerce SEO services. You can promote your online shop with the best E-commerce SEO programs. SEO results are free and promote natural organic results. You will reach the top if you have best websites.

More traffic with our SEO strategies

Online sales have increased by 39 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can improve your sales if you manage to get more visitors from search engine results. WEB Promotz offers tailor-made search engine optimization strategies to small and large firms searching for a digital media partner.