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What is SEO Audit Services?

To commence with, a full website SEO Audit focuses on the practice of manual methods of inspections. It is mainly the implementation of different forms of SEO audit services, tools, checklist and various other segments for examining a website and its optimization campaign.

A full website SEO audit is a focused practice that includes the use of various SEO audit services, tools, checklists, and standards to examine a website and its optimization campaign. An SEO audit can also be used to create a list of weak points, action items, and overcome observed weaknesses in a website.

  • SEO audit services are conducted with special tools and by SEO experts It is an analysis to understand the strength of your website a curate an SEO strategy
  • Understanding both on-page and off-page factors that cause hindrance to search positions
  • Comprehensive SEO audit report involves backlink report, competitive scorecard and future site strategy.


Technical SEO audit

Are you unhappy with the existing search engine optimization strategy? If so, you should opt for our eCommerce SEO audit service.

We take care of on-page SEO aspects like evaluating your keyword usage and on-page content strategy, integration of core keywords on various pages, analyzing and reoptimizing Meta descriptions and title tags. We also handle off-page SEO aspects like evaluating backlinks, analyzing social profiles.

Our offerings consist of in-depth SEO analysis

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Most Important SEO Audit Factors


Indexation is like a database that gets used for the search engine. Indexes give information on all websites that popular search engine will be able to find. Finding Google's indexing will help in better SEO reports.



It is mainly a traditional factor focusing on the margins of SEO and web development. Web accessibility and SEO help in content optimization which is both a machine-readable creative positive impact on sales and SEO.


Google states Crawlers look at web pages and follow the links on them that would be browsed on the web. It helps in bringing the data from those webpages back to the Google Server



Assessing the page speed of the web page of your website and analyzing will help in faster loading and optimization for the incorporation of customized SEO strategy.

Web Page Content Audit

Assessing the page speed of the web page of your website and analyzing will help in faster loading and optimization for the incorporation of customized SEO strategy.

E-commerce SEO Audit

E-Commerce technical audit will analyze and address the base and crucial technical issues of the site. This includes proper installation of SSL, missing pages and others.

On-Page Optimization Audit

Reviewing and recommending proper optimization of content, links and meta tags and description of the website for search engines to discover and rank your website higher.

Off-Page Optimization Audit

This is looking into the linking strategies on the website that will help in SEO. Post analysis, SEO strategy helps in getting backlinks to authority websites

Image and Video Optimization Audit

This is to make sure that your website is following the latest SEO trends. We offer you suggestions and recommendations for both image and video optimization.

WEB Promotz offers affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit services packages in Mumbai, India.
These packages are very competitive comparing with others in the current market industry for SEO Audits of any websites. We have different types of SEO Audit packages for clients.

SEO Audit Services Pricing Tables


All the basics for started the website, builders, Cargo or movers, packers and for local service providers.


  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Use of Top SEO Audit Tools
  • Keywords Ranking Analysis
    (upto 200 keywords)
  • Page Content Audit & Suggestions


Best for SMEs, Finance, Grocery, Content Website, Travel, Hotels & Restaurants businesses.


  • Duration: 30 - 45 Days
  • Use of Top SEO Audit Tools
  • Keywords Ranking Analysis
    (upto 500 keywords)
  • Page Content Audit & Suggestions


For the large enterprise businesses, ecommerce website, B2B or B2C website or multiple franchise businesses.


  • Duration: 80 - 90 Days
  • Use of Top SEO Audit Tools
  • Keywords Ranking Analysis
    (1000+ keywords)
  • Page Content Audit & Suggestions

Why you need SEO audit services for your business?

Your website is the home of your online brand. It is important to keep it up to date. There are ample reasons as to why you need to conduct an SEO audit regularly. SEO experts at WEB Promotz conduct SEO audit services to analyze your site to fix critical issues as they arise. SEO audits help in making sure to stay competitive. The technical foundation helps to pay attention to your competition's SEO activity, maintain the newest search engine practices and maintain local SEO best practices depending on customers. All of these elements make way to a successful SEO strategy and maintenance.

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SEO Audit Metrics


Indexability is the process of referring to a search engine's ability to analyze and adding a page to its index. Experts can index all its pages with implementing different technical factors.

Optimize your page

Optimization of your web page through boosting site speed, improving content quality and experience for enhanced indexability and crawlability.

Measure Your Result

Experts will implement all the necessary factors leading to the optimization of your site and help in implementing a customized SEO strategy.

Following Convenient SEO Audit for Meeting Google Standards

There are two ways to doing SEO Audit which has its own set of pros and cons. To begin with fast auditing, it is a 10 to the 15-minute process conducted by an experienced professional. This includes the use of online tools that will be looking over the basics - domain and page authority, tags, XML maps, meta & alt descriptions, organic traffic, signs of penalties, and other important factors of your website.

At Web Promotz, our SEO Audit services offer you everything right from a scratch. We digg into in-depth use of thorough SEO tools such as SEMRush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog offering deep analysis to more than 250+ parameters. With practice, we have got to know that results from impact in the actual SEO campaign. You will not have to worry about the idea of collaborating with us. We understand the importance of SEO audit and will carefully examine all the sections.

We understand your main aim and mission according to which we set our SEO campaign for your site. After diving into SEO audit parameter, we suggest the main areas to work on.

So, if you are wanting to increase the organic traffic, improve rankings, recover from Google penalties, and surpass your competitors, SEO audit is important. It is the analysis that will give you a clear idea about the SEO campaign which needs to meet your goals.

Industry experts emphasize on running an SEO audit every 6 months to in-sync with the latest SEO practices. Over years, there are hundreds of SEO audits services in Mumbai, Surat, Banglore & in India. There are many active factors that you can lay your emphasis on to make you understand the importance of SEO audit services in Mumbai, India.

Five major reasons or indicators to run a SEO Audit of website:

  • Lower Rankings
  • Regardless of the SEO efforts, you cannot get higher rankings for your target keywords. With SEO audit services, you will be able to manage the rankings and gain more traffic.

  • SEO Strategy Failed
  • You will need proper assistance and strategy for SEO that will be implemented for your website. Professional SEO consultants conduct audit reports for curating customized SEO strategy.

  • Modern SEO Practices
  • You will want to make sure that you are taking leverage of the latest SEO trends and practices which comes out when you conduct an SEO audit.

  • Declining Organic Traffic
  • Organic traffic gets reduced since you are not implementing the latest SEO trends. SEO audit services will help you overcome the same.

  • Problems with Google Penalties
  • In case your website gets penalized by Google, you will need an action plan to recover and regain your rankings.


Why Choose us for SEO Audit Services?

WEB Promotz is one of the Best Technical SEO Audit Companies based in Mumbai, India. We provide affordable Technical SEO Audit for Ecommerce Websites, Enterprise websites, Small or Medium Websites, B2B & B2C Websites in Mumbai, India. We provide in-depth Technical SEO Audit Services with more than 250+ checklists. Our exhaustive list of SEO audit points with all in and out issues of the website so we can rectify it and get ranking for highly competitive keywords.

We do an audit if you have any manual penalty which can be a full or partial google penalty. Our experts can help you to remove Google Penalty from your website. We will provide the recommendation and solutions for how to recover from Google penalties. We will audit CSS, JS (Angular or React), Pagespeed, and any other important parameters.


We are specialized in SEO Audit Services for the below categories:

  • E-commerce Sites
  • Fashion Store, Grocery or Online Delivery Stores, Online Pharmacy, etc.

  • Entertainment Sites
  • OTT Platforms, Gaming or Fantasy Sports sites, etc.

  • Sports & Gaming
  • Sports & Gaming - Fantasy Sports, Multiplayer Gaming, etc.

  • Travel Sites
  • Aggregator or Travel Agents, Travel Portals, Online Ticket booking for Airlines, Hotel reservation or Booking website etc.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you tell me more about SEO Audit services?
SEO audit begins with an in-depth report of your website architecture and coding. This will help us in discovering the potential of your website. The detailed on-page review helps to invalidate all the key elements of an optimized page.


What are the inputs of the final SEO audit report?
The final SEO audit report forms a technical review of your website architecture, on-page element statistics and overview of off-page analysis. The report will further give a strategic recommendation document based on how your website will be updated for proper rankings.


How much time is needed for an SEO audit?
It completely depends on the extensiveness of your website. On average, it nearly takes 40 to 60 working days to complete the entire process and process the final report.


What is the step after SEO audit services?
After we are done with the comprehensive SEO audit report, you are the decision-makers on implementing the suggestions shared by our team. We offer you with a cost estimate for executing services along with the SEO audit report.


Get More traffic with our In-depth SEO Audit

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